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We use advanced cutting-edge methods from neuroscience, psychology, and mathematics to understand how large-scale brain networks support complex cognition across the lifespan in health and disease. Click here if you would like to learn more about, or are interested in participating in, our research!

We are an expanding research team from various backgrounds that collaborates to answer an expanding set of research questions pertinent to each of our members’ unique interests. Click here to meet our team!

We are committed to increasing the representation of diverse backgrounds in our participants, our team, and the broader cognitive and developmental neuroscience communities. Click here for our current and ongoing efforts in Diversity and Inclusion!

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in our research. If you are interested in joining our team as a postdoctoral researcher, graduate student, research staff, or undergraduate research assistant, click here to see current opportunities!

Lab News

2024 Celebration of Undergraduate Research

Undergrads from the Cohen Lab presented at the 2024 Celebration of Undergraduate Research!

Ellie Birdsong Receives a Student Undergraduate Teaching and Staff Award

Undergrad RAs from the Cohen Lab nominated Ellie, the lab manager and lead BrainMAP Study coordinator, for the Student Undergraduate Staff Award saying, “Though academia can seem exclusive, Ellie has made it abundantly clear to all of us through the … Read more

Triangle Society for Neuroscience Conference

Brenna Curtis, a Cohen Lab undergraduate research assistant, presented her senior honors thesis project poster at the Triangle SFN conference! Other members of the lab also came to support and attend the conference.

Mackenzie Mitchell Defended Her Dissertation!

Congratulations to Dr. Mitchell for successfully defending her PhD dissertation!