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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What will my child be doing?
    Your child will answer questions on a questionnaire, participate in neuropsychological and cognitive tests, and go inside an MRI scanner.
  2. What is an MRI Scan and is it safe?
    The MRI scanner is a safe and non-invasive way for researchers see brain activity. Numerous studies have been conducted using MRI scans and have found that there are no significant adverse side effects from being inside one. Please contact us at any point if your child experiences any discomfort.
  3. Why does my child have to stay still in the scanner?
    Since the MRI scanner is taking pictures of your child’s brain, if she/he moves around, the pictures will come out blurry, and the data will not be usable.(Good picture; no movement)(Bad picture; even small movement creates blurry pictures such as this.)
  4. How should I prepare my child for the MRI scan?
    Please refer to this document and follow through! Please let us know if you have more questions.
  5. What information will you collect?
    We will collect your contact information, child’s date of birth, and data from neuropsychological and cognitive tests.
  6. Will anyone find out our information?
    We will do everything we can to keep your and your child’s information confidential. We will always use an ID number instead of your names in all study documents, and we will use password protected servers for data storage. Except our trained study staff, no one will have access to your nor your child’s information.
  7. Can we stop participating once we've started?
    Yes! Participating in research is completely voluntary. Please let us know at any time if you or your child is uncomfortable and would like to stop.
  8. Are we compensated?
    Yes! Both you and your child will receive a check at the end of the study. For some studies, your child will also get extra cash from the computer tasks, and (s)he will be able to receive that at the end of each study session. Additionally, your child will receive points for completion of tasks, which (s)he can cash them in for prizes throughout the study.
  9. What about parking?
    We will cover all transportation costs. If you drive, we will provide a parking pass for you.
  10. Do I need to come in with my child to the study sessions?
    Yes, for safety reasons, you will have to come in for each session and stay on campus. However, for the most part, you will be able to do your own work or have a relaxing time.
  11. How can I get involved?
    Please contact Kelly Eom at or 919-843-3753! You can also click here for current studies that you and your child can participate in.

Here is a video we made in our lab to show you what an MRI scan is like!


Thank you to the wonderful kids, Adaora and Nolan, and the parents who helped make this happen!
And a special and BIG thank you to Deep Structure Productions! Check out their website at

Please click here for current studies that your child can participate in!