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Flux 2022 Conference

September 28, 2022




Earlier this month, members of the Cohen Lab attended the Flux 2022 conference in Paris, France! This was the first in-person Flux conference in two years. Congrats to Sikoya Ashburn, Arianna Cascone, Mackenzie Mitchell, Tehila Nugiel, and Mac Woodburn on your impressive talks and poster presentations!

Erika Successfully Defends Honors Thesis!

April 13, 2022

Our undergraduate research assistant Erika successfully defended her honors thesis over Zoom at the beginning of this month! The title of her thesis was “Connectivity between emotion regulation brain regions in children with ADHD.” We are proud of her and excited to see what she does after graduating!

Arianna Cascone Receives SFN Award

April 23, 2021
Arianna Cascone
Arianna Cascone

Arianna Cascone wins Best Graduate Student Poster at the annual Triangle Society for Neuroscience meeting for her work assessing functional network organization in individuals with Parkinson’s disease (PD). PD is characterized by a range of motor and non-motor symptoms, including cognitive decline.Using resting-state fMRI data collected from individuals with PD with and without cognitive decline, we examined whether topological brain-network resilience contributes to protection against cognitive decline in PD. Relative to individuals with PD experiencing cognitive decline, the frontoparietal network in cognitively stable individuals with PD is significantly more resilient to network perturbation. The topological robustness of the frontoparietal network may contribute to protection against cognitive decline in individuals with PD.

Congratulations Arianna!

Arianna Cascone wins SFN award
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Flux Virtual Congress 2020

October 20, 2020

The Cohen Lab attended Flux Virtual Congress 2020 from September 9th to September 12th. We are honored to continue learning about the most recent advancements and research in developmental cognitive neuroscience, and to contribute to this community by presenting and discussing our own research. Click here if you are interested in checking out our recorded poster presentations on Youtube!

  • Dr. Nicholas Fogleman: Neural correlates underlying irritability and emotion dysregulation in children with and without ADHD.
  • Dr. Teague Henry: The effects of methylphenidate on the functional controllability of the brain in children with ADHD.
  • Mac Woodburn: Reconfiguration of functional brain networks from resting-state to task during childhood is associated with motor learning and working memory.
  • Mackenzie Mitchell: Rewards drive reconfiguration of whole brain networks in children.
  • Cleanthis Michael: Disrupted brain network reconfiguration between resting and cognitive control task states across changing cognitive demands in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
  • Cheyenne Bricken: Brain network organization and cognitive performance during childhood.