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We are enrolling children of any age who would be interested in participating in research. This isn’t for a specific study, but instead to be added to a database of people we may contact when we begin a study in the right age range. For each study, you and your child can decide whether or not you want to participate. If you are interested in participating yourself, we also have a database for adults to sign yourself up for future studies. If you are interested, please click the relevant link below to¬†register¬†yourself and/or your child:
To enroll adults:
To enroll children:
If you are enrolling your child, both you and your child will need to fill in your names as agreeing to be contacted for future research studies.
The purpose of this registry is to create a database of interested children and adults for participation in research studies happening in the UNC Psychology and Neuroscience Department. Through this database you may be contacted about future studies and have the option to decline participation or decline and remove yourself from the list completely. Signing up for the list does not sign you up for participation in studies. Your participation in the registry is voluntary and you can remove yourself anytime!
Please feel free to email or call 919-525-1055 if you have any questions! We look forward to hearing from you!