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[Top Left: Kelly Eom with her poster, entitled “Effects of methylphenidate on response control and intrinsic whole-brain functional network organization in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder”
Top Right: Cheyenne Bricken with her poster, entitled “Longitudinal trajectories of cortical thickness from birth to 6 years predict cognitive outcomes at 9 years”
Bottom Left: Mackenzie Woodburn with his poster, entitled “Trajectories of group and individual-level structural brain network organization from birth to childhood and their cognitive relevance”
Bottom Right: Kelly Duffy’s poster, entitled “Intrinsic Functional Network Organization and Failures of Response Control in Children with ADHD”]


From August 30th to September 1st, members of the Cohen Lab visited New York City for Flux 2019! There, they attended presentations, viewed posters, and learned about ongoing research within the field of developmental cognitive neuroscience. Additionally, Kelly Eom, Cheyenne Bricken, and Mac Woodburn presented posters for our Brain Organization in ADHD and Longitudinal Pediatric Brain Development studies. Great job, everyone!


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